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Improve your health and mood with K Sahai 100% pure essential oils. All our oils are organic, First Press, 3rd Party GC-MS tested. K Sahai sources our essential oils from artisan distillers around the world for 100% purity for true aromatherapy benefits. Simple & Pure Ingredients. Improve People & Planet. Inhale wellness. 

  • 30-Day Transformation
    30-Day Transformation - K Sahai
  • Human Design Purpose Report
    Human Design Purpose Report - K Sahai
  • Human Design Full Report
    Human Design Full Report - K Sahai
  • Breathe Roll On
    Breathe Roll On - K Sahai
  • Focus Roll On
    Focus Roll On - K Sahai
  • Sleep Roll On
    Sleep Roll On - K Sahai
  • De-Stress Roll On
    De-Stress Roll On - K Sahai
  • Muscle Ease Roll On
    Muscle Ease Roll On - K Sahai
  • Headache Roll On
    Headache Roll On - K Sahai
  • Detox Roll On
    Detox Roll On - K Sahai
  • Custom Face Oil
    Custom Face Oil - K Sahai
  • Sleep Spray
    Sleep Spray - K Sahai
  • Sleep Roll-On + Sleep Spray Bundle
    Sleep Roll-On + Sleep Spray Bundle - K Sahai
  • Natural Wellness Gift Set
    Natural Wellness Gift Set - K Sahai
  • Nebulizing Diffuser
    Nebulizing Diffuser - K Sahai
  • Movement Bundle
    Movement Bundle - K Sahai
  • Fall Bundle
    Fall Bundle - K Sahai
  • Gift Card
    Gift Card - K Sahai
  • Explorer's Essence Bundle
    Explorer's Essence Bundle - K Sahai
  • Aromatherapy Wellness Bundle
    Aromatherapy Wellness Bundle - K Sahai
  • Extra De-Stress - The 2 Pack Bundle
    Extra De-Stress - The 2 Pack Bundle - K Sahai
  • Stress Relief Essentials Bundle
    Stress Relief Essentials Bundle - K Sahai
  • Stress Relief Bundle
    Stress Relief Bundle - K Sahai
  • GENERATOR: Human Design T-Shirt
    (GENERATOR) Unisex Softstyle T-Shirt - K Sahai