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Best Face Oil

for your skin type and needs – a personalized skincare ritual made just for you.

Best Essential Oils

for the perfect essential oil blend for your mind, body, soul.

Human Design Reading

for your self-love and discovery through Human Design.

We are K Sahai, a BIPOC/Women owned brand that creates organic oil blends for wellness and beauty that come with optional spiritual self-care journeys. There is an oil for all skin types, any concern, and every person. 

At K Sahai, we curate ingredients that are sustainable and safe, of premium quality, and with high efficacy to put in our essential oils that helps with stress, sleep, focus, and headache. All our products are embedded with impact which we are proud of. 

Cruelty-free & vegan
Plant-based ingredients
Recyclable packaging
No Synthetic Fragrance
Clean & Organic 
Suitable for all skin types
  • 120,000+

    Customer Trust & Loyalty

  • 60 Day 

    Money Back Guarantee

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    Backed by Science

Clean Beauty, Customized

  • Repair And Rejuvenate Collagen

  • Custom to your Skin Goals & Concerns

  • Highest Quality Ingredients, Formulated Fresh

"After trying everything all the “popular” brands, I finally found a brand that understood my dryness."

Rita Carrol

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