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Custom Face Oil - K Sahai

Clean Beauty Customized

Simplify your skin routine with a face oil made of essential oil blends of the most potent and effective botanicals to rebalance your skin microbiome and glow. This 3 in 1 product is used to cleanse, moisturize and protect the skin.

✅ High-Quality Ingredients

✅ Made for Your Skin

✅ No Fillers or Preservatives

✅ Fresh So More Effective

✅ Personalized Soul Rituals

✅ Formula Adapts to You

Luxury Skincare 

Made For You 

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Luxury Skincare is not buying an expensive product that is one formula for everyone. Luxury skincare is a custom formula made just for you. On Sale for the next 3 hours only.

Luxury Skincare Customized

Luxury Skincare is not buying an expensive product that is one formula for everyone. Luxury skincare is a custom formula made just for you.

  • Fresh so More Effective

  • Personalized Soul Rituals

  • Formula adapts to you

  • High Quality Ingredients

  • Made for your skin

  • No Fillers or Preservatives

3-in1 Formula - Cleanser, Moisturizer, Protects & Seals Skin

100% Happiness Guarantee!

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"K Sahai is an industry leader when it comes to luxurious, natural and effective skincare products. Highly recommend this beauty brand!"
Wade Warren
"Products with 100% natural extracts bring a feeling of freshness and refreshment, making skin more healthy and glowing. A great choice for all skin types!"
Eleanor Pena
"K Sahai face oil made my skin feel supple and the rituals left me starting and ending my day feeling at peace. Thank you for this wonderful product!"
Savannah Nguyen

Before & After

Results after two weeks of use


"My skin has never felt this smooth and hydrated. Not to mention, my hyperpigmentation is virtually gone within two weeks!"





K Sahai Helps You Achieve Your Dream Skin

We focus on helping you glow inside and out 

Personalized To Work For You

Your face oil is tailored to your unique skin type, concerns, goals and ethnicity.

Fresh, Botanical Plant Oils

We only use organic or wild crafted oils that have gone through rigorous testing. 

Custom Human Design Rituals

Our skin can not glow if we are stressed or not feeling calm. We combine your custom face oil with self care rituals to allow you to glow inside and out.

All in 1 Solution

Your face oil can be used in a variety of ways, such as a daily moisturizer, a makeup primer, and treatment for specific skin issues

Formulas Focused On Skin

Formulas Focused on Skin Microbiome 

Just like you repair your gut microbiome by eating fresh fruits and vegetables (minimizing processed food), you rejuvenate your skin's microbiome by using fresh plant oils (minimizing chemicals, acids, preservatives). When your skin’s microbiome is working well, it will exfoliate, hydrate and protect.

Our products provide scientifically proven skin improvement crafted in elegant formulations for customized skincare regimens that repair your skin’s microbiome.


of users saw a difference in the elasticity of their skin in two weeks


of users saw a reduction in dark spots or issues with hyperpigmen-tation


saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

Why Switch to K Sahai?

  • Customized uniquely for you

  • 1 product replaces 12 steps

  • Formula evolves with the seasons

  • Clean, non-toxic, paraben-free, cruelty free

  • Simple 1 step process to support skin microbiome to do the rest

  • Not Customized for you 

  • Only targets one concern 

  • Doesn't evolve with the seasons

  • Preservatives, chemical,  fillers

  • Trying to keep you on many different products

Beautiful Skin

Achieving Radiant Skin Is Just One Drop Away

For optimal outcome, gently massage the product into your skin both am & pm.

Kavita's Tips

Although designed for the face, this facial oil can provide benefits beyond. Consider applying it to your hair to manage unruly strands and hydrate split ends, or utilize it on your nails to moisturize dry cuticles.

Employ it as a makeup primer by dispensing a few drops onto your moisturized skin for an impeccable, natural-looking, and dewy complexion.

A little goes a long way with face oil, so start with a small amount and gradually increase if needed. I would recommend 2-3 drops to fully reap the benefits of your custom oil!

100% Laboratory Tested

100% Laboratory Tested

All oils are carefully lab tested for purity & potency

Not Tested On Animals

Cruelty Free

All products sold on the market are committed to not testing on animals

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Produced entirely from natural ingredients, safe for all skin type

100% Paraben Free


 We are committed to positive impact and use sustainable packaging and manufacturing practices by only making what you need.

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