Top 3 Complaints About Spa Products

During our many years of working with spas and salons, we have focused our time on understanding trends and what works and what doesn't. Today, we want to shed light on some common product complaints to assist spa owners.  Notably, most grievances revolve around product performance, and here are three that we frequently come across:

  1. Absorbability: Ensuring a product has the appropriate level of absorbability for a specific treatment is a prevalent concern. While it's essential to match the right product with the correct application, a product claiming to be absorbent but falling short can lead to complications, especially during product removal from a client's skin. For massage, Jojoba oil is the most absorbent as it is closest to human sebum and will soak up all the botanicals you add to your oils plus is it good for all skin types. 

  2. Residue: The mark of an inferior product is one that leaves behind residue on the skin. This can also go hand in hand with absorbability. If a product is not absorbed by the skin, it will leave a residue that if not wiped properly can feel subpar. 

  3. Quality: With greater awareness of wellness, the lack of research on the purity of products can leave customers with skin irritations from fragrances and other endocrine disrupters. Well-known brands in the industry have been found guilty of not displaying all ingredients (and only listing key ingredients). I challenge you to look at the products/brands you are using and see if they list All ingredients and if they provide you with a way to see the SDS sheets. 

At K Sahai, we pride ourselves on offering superior professional spa products and providing complete ingredient transparency. Our ingredient guide will give you access to our SDS sheets and GC-MS testing to ensure potency and purity. We continually improve our existing products and introduce new ones to address the concerns raised by our valued customers. The three complaints listed above are precisely why our products have been widely successful. We firmly believe that superior products lead to superior treatments, and that's precisely what we offer.

I invite you to request a sample pack to feel and smell the quality. 


About the Author: Kavita Sahai, The Founder

Kavita Sahai has worked in the wellness industry for over a decade and is a certified expert in aromatherapy, Ayurveda, yoga, and nutrition, with a rich background in human design and beauty oils. Kavita combines traditional wisdom with modern research to offer holistic wellness and beauty insights. Focused on sustainable self-care practices, Kavita guides individuals towards achieving both internal and external radiance. She hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and a Master's from UC Berkeley.