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Human Design Gates l Best Guide

Once you get your free human design chart, you will see a series of boxes on the right and left with numbers and a decimal point. 

Each chart has 1 of 64 gates in your 13 planets based on the moment of your birth and about three months prior to your birth. 

The planet represents a theme and the gate holds the energy that guides that theme. For example in this chart, the planet is the sun (which is how you are meant to shine on earth) and the gate number is 8. Human design gate 8 is that of contribution so it would mean that your main purpose is that of contribution. Gates and planets should be looked at together.

Then you also need to have a peak at human design lines so after the gate number is a decimal and the line. You might also see some black (exaltation) and white (detriment) triangles which signify the polarity in the line. For example a white triangle next to your gate 8 line 2 might mean contribution as long as there is recognition whereas a black triangle would mean selfless contribution. Don’t judge! Neither is bad as we all can’t be Mother Theresa so understand yourself, accept yourself and live in your design. We do not get into the exaltation or detriment or the lines of each gate here but you can read more in the book Human Design - The Science of Differentiation. 

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Human Design Gates

All of the gates is open to interpretation so if you feel it does not resonate, than see if you can interpret the title differently. 

Human Design Gate 1 -  The Creative: The energy to create without limitation. Don’t worry about how your creative works may be received.

Human Design Gate 2 - The Receptive: Open to receiving abundance and able to respond appropriately to ideas, things and people that come your way.

Human Design Gate 3 - Difficulty at the Beginning: Full of faith, play and ability to create order out of chaos 

Human Design Gate 4 - Youthful Folly:  The powerful ability to forgive

Human Design Gate 5 -  Waiting: Better with routine and rhythm and patience

Human Design Gate 6 - Conflict:  Growth happens through conflict and overcoming. A peacemaker that takes conflict to peace.

Human Design Gate 7 -  The Army: A strong need to lead and guide 

Human Design Gate 8 - Contribution:  Contributing effort to a greater good in a way that only you can

Human Design Gate 9 - Energy for Detail:  Knowing and recognizing the importance of attention to detail

Human Design Gate 10 - The Behavior of the Self:  Practice Self love and personal empowerment to overcome anything 

Human Design Gate 11 -  Peace l Ideas:  Using your imagination to the fullest capacity 

Human Design Gate 12 -  Standstill l Caution:  Ability to show restraint and inaction as the right course of action 

Human Design Gate 13 -  The Fellowship of Man l The Listener:  Ability to hold space, ideas and valued to inspire cooperation  

Human Design Gate 14  - Possession in Great Measure: Power Skills : The ability to accumulate and retain power through a strong foundation 

Human Design Gate 15 - Modesty l Extremes: You can balance your gifts with modesty that is never confused with weakness.

Human Design Gate 16 - Enthusiasm l Skills: Committed to perfecting and learning your craft

Human Design Gate 17 -  Following l Opinion: Leadership through service 

Human Design Gate 18 -  Work on What Has Been Spoilt l Correction: The determination defend and maintain basic human rights

Human Design Gate 19  - Approach l Wanting: Understanding and sensitivity of the needs of others without self sacrifice

Human Design Gate 20 -  Contemplation l Now:  Ability to be present and speak truth and take the right actions

Human Design Gate 21 -  Biting Through l Hunter/Huntress: The justified use of power to better society and stop interference

Human Design Gate 22 -  Grace l Openness Ability to handle with grace what others avoid

Human Design Gate 23 - Splitting Apart l  Assimilation: Understanding that diversity is required in all aspects of life 

Human Design Gate 24 - The Return: Rationalization:  Transformation and renewal that opens the way to new possibilities


Human Design Gate 25 Innocence -  The Spirit of the Self:  Inspire and have unconditional love yourself and others 

Human Design Gate 26 -  The Taming Power of the Great l The Egoist:  Great potential through minimal effort; a person of their word and a natural sales person/marketer

Human Design Gate 27 -  Nourishment l Caring: Ability to enhance life through caring for others

Human Design Gate 28 -  Preponderance of the Great l The Game Player: Risk taker with propensity for power and influence

Human Design Gate 29 -  The Abysmal l Perseverance:  A devotion to things that matter and light you up despite difficulties to experience great rewards

Human Design Gate 30 -  The Clinging Fire l Feelings: The ability to eliminate negative feelings and accept what is 

Human Design Gate 31 -  Influence l Leading: Natural influence where leadership and action must be aligned

Human Design Gate 32 -  Duration l Continuity:  Ability to lead a successful change and handle change with ease

Human Design Gate 33 - Retreat l Privacy: Ability to go inwards to find solutions to go from weakness to strength

Human Design Gate 34 -  The Power of the Great l Power: The ability to tap large amounts of power to serve a common good.

Human Design Gate 35 - Progress l Change: Need interaction and have a insatiable appetite for progress

Human Design Gate 36 - The Darkening of the Light l Crisis:  Compassionate Sage compassion, being HUMAN, gentleness, and emotional wisdom cultivate compassion for yourself and others Gate 36 

Human Design Gate 37 - The Family l Friendship:  Help bring groups of people together with shared values. Lead through example and maintain order. 

Human Design Gate 38 -  Opposition: Fighter:  Understanding how and when to fight for the right causes

Human Design Gate 39 -  Obstruction l Provocation:  Provocative as a force to promote inquiry, analysis, assessment and re-evaluation

Human Design Gate 40 - Deliverance l Aloneness: The work to balance - work, family, self, service - the work is moving through struggle to find the balance. 

Human Design Gate 41-  Decrease l Contraction: Patient Dreamer hopes and dreams, felt experiences, transformation, and Divine Timing honor your hopes and dreams Gate 41 

Human Design Gate 42 - Increase: Growth Celebration: Doula celebration, closing Loops, and seeing things through finish things and celebrate accomplishments Gate 42 

Human Design Gate 43 -  Breakthrough: Insight: Greater self-awareness will help bring in new gifts and ideas

Human Design Gate 44  - Coming to Meet l Alertness: Ability to recognize, forgive and/or disrupt patterns when needed. 

Human Design Gate 45 - Gathering Together:  Ability to distribute resources and find the win-win in material matters especially financial. 

Human Design Gate 46 -  Pushing Upward l The Determination of the Self: The world will think it was easy but your efforts will bring you rewards

Human Design Gate 47 - Oppression l Realization: Ability to go inwards and have those moment of clarity


Human Design Gate 48 -  The Well l Depth:  Exploring the world through a lens of curiosity to truly understand what is possible. 

Human Design Gate 49 -  Revolution l Principles:  A leader in how relationships can help you thrive and how to be sensitive to others needs while holding boundaries

Human Design Gate 50 - The Cauldron l Values:  Ability to keep traditional values and bring them into relevance to serve the present and establish a beautiful future. 

Human Design Gate 51 - The Arousing l Shock: The ability to respond to disorder and shock through adaptation and faith. 

Human Design Gate 52  - Keeping Still (Mountain) l Stillness Knowing that you need to wait for the right timing. No pressure in times of stillness and inaction.

Human Design Gate 53  - Development l Beginnings: Ability to navigate new beginnings and seeing the opportunity for growth in all areas 

Human Design Gate 54 - The Marrying Maiden l Drive: Seeker of spiritual and growth

Human Design Gate 55 - Abundance l Spirit:  The ability to find material wealth through spirituality 

Human Design Gate 56 - The Wanderer l Stimulation: Ability to tell and share stories of relevance 

Human Design Gate 57 - The Gentle l Intuitive Clarity: Great intuition and power of clarity guide you

Human Design Gate 58 -  The Joyous l Vitality: Adventure and stimulation is the key to joy

Human Design Gate 59 - Dispersion l Sexuality Ability to create connection regardless of conditions. The power derived from sexuality.

Human Design Gate 60 -  Limitation l Acceptance: Understanding of limitations to transcend and not let it frustrated or depress you but keep you focused

Human Gate 61-  Inner Truth: Mystery Bringing ideas and inspiration to the collective. 

Human Gate 62 -  The Preponderance of the Small: Details By being patient, cautious and attentive to details you produce excellence

Human Gate 63 -  After Completion l Doubt: Using doubt and curiosity to lead you to new beginnings

Human Gate 64  - Before Completion l Confusion: Embrace the unknowing and overwhelm or confusion before finding the passage 

Just like you can’t learn a language in a day, understanding and living by your human design takes time. It is best learned like a language a few minutes a day. I invite you to 

join our 30 day human design transformation where you can learn and practice just five minutes each day to start living a life that excites and inspires you and those around you. 

About the Author: Kavita Sahai, The Founder

Kavita Sahai has worked in the wellness industry for over a decade and is a certified expert in aromatherapy, Ayurveda, yoga, and nutrition, with a rich background in human design and beauty oils. Kavita combines traditional wisdom with modern research to offer holistic wellness and beauty insights. Focused on sustainable self-care practices, Kavita guides individuals towards achieving both internal and external radiance. She hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and a Master's from UC Berkeley.