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How to thrive as a Passionate Genius

Learn How to Harness Your Energy Type

Organic Essential Oils 

Essential oils are recognized as having the highest vibrational frequency of all things found in nature and can positively affect our own vibrational energy, our energy field and our aura, thereby helping to improve our overall energy and state of being.

Strategy & Signature

Your strategy is to wait for the right opportunities and respond. If you are frustrated, you are not allowing the ‚Äúwaiting process‚ÄĚ and trying to force things to happen. Your signature is satisfaction in work and relationships above all else. You have a defined sacral center so you "gut" will know when you need to respond. 

Famous Manifesting Generators

Elon Musk, Mother Teresa, Vincent Van Gogh, Kate Winslet, Bruce Lee, Charlie Chaplin, Bill Cosby, Elton John, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow

Strengths & Weakness

Strengths: Energetic, multi-tasking queen, Efficient - find shortcuts, self-aware, sustainable energy

Weakness: Skip important steps, hate waiting, don't always finish what you start  

Recognize Resistance: Not Self Theme

If you are frustrated or even angry, take a look at what you are spending your time on. Are you trying to make things happen rather than allow them to happen? For Manifesting Generators,  frustration is a sign that energy is not being optimized. 

‚ÄúThis is an inward journey that requires awareness, experimentation, self-reflection and time. If you would like to embark on this journey together, consider yourself invited.‚ÄĚ 

- Kavita Sahai 

Are you a manifesting generator who feels like you're not living up to your full potential? Do you find yourself constantly jumping from one thing to another, never quite sure what your true purpose is? If so, it may be time to explore your Human Design chart and discover your unique energy blueprint as a manifesting generator.

In Human Design, there are five energy types, each with its own strategy for manifesting and living in alignment with their purpose. As a manifesting generator, your energy is all about creating and generating life force energy, just like a generator. But you also have an added layer of energy that allows you to initiate action quickly and efficiently.

The key to being a successful manifesting generator is to follow your gut and respond to what excites you, just like a generator. However, you also have the ability to initiate action and make things happen. This means that you have the potential to create a lot of things in your life, but you also need to be sure that you're channeling your energy in the right direction.

When you're doing work that truly excites and fulfills you, you'll be able to generate more energy and creativity, which will in turn attract more opportunities for growth and abundance. However, if you're doing things that don't align with your energy, you'll find yourself feeling drained and unfulfilled.

If you're interested in learning how to use your unique energy blueprint as a manifesting generator to manifest with ease, we highly recommend our 30 day challenge with your Human Design Workbook.  This workbook is specifically designed for manifesting generators and provides detailed guidance on how to navigate the world as a manifesting generator, from understanding your energy type to developing healthy boundaries and relationships.

What's included in the Human Design Workbook:

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30-Day Transformation - K Sahai


Identify and follow your gut responses to create a fulfilling life

Recognize and release energy drains that hold you back

Develop healthy relationships and communication skills

Create a lifestyle that supports your unique energy needs

Manifest your desires and live in alignment with your purpose

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