Join a 30 Day Human Design Led Journey

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How it Works? 

Step 1: Oil by Origin

We connect you to the land of your ancestors through a custom face oil that will make your skin glow and attach you to your spiritual side as you rethink self care.

Step 2: Human By Design

Get back to your true nature through curated self care rituals based on your human design chart that take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Step 3: Impact By Collaboration

By understanding your true purpose, you can transform your world. By simplifying & purifying your skincare routine, you are already making a difference. 

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Custom Face Oil - K Sahai
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"I get endless compliments on my skin and for the first time I feel great in my skin!" 

Custom Face Serum (Skin & Soul Needs) 


30 Curated Self Care Rituals (Based on Human Design)

Receive daily rituals and botanicals that unlock joyful emotions and energize your aura, you will invite in moments of reflection and self-love. Botanicals made for your skin that incorporate your origin story will not only make your skin glow, but also help you connect to your spiritual side. A well rounded goddess?  

Your daily self-care rituals will be curated for your needs based on your energy type, gates, profile and more from your Human Design chart.


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Let us answer your questions!

  • Should I incorporate face oil into my regimen?
  • Do ksahai blends use fragrance?
  • Are your blends travel-friendly?
  • What is the shelf life / How should the products be stored?
  • Is it possible to use too much K Sahai?
  • Still have questions?

Our customized face oil is a one step system that nourishes and protects your skin. It can be used alone or as the last step in your nighttime routine and the step just before sunscreen during the day. 

None of our blends have artificial scents or perfumes. Our blends do use the power of essential oils to heal and rejuvenate your skin and soul.

All our blends meet TSA requirements and come in secure packaging, so they won’t break in your luggage.

Because we use fresh ingredients, we recommend using the face serum within 6 months of receiving it, and storing then in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight.

Nope! You can’t OD on K Sahai. Our formulations are super safe; feel free to use as needed throughout the day, but please don’t drink them!

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