Collection: Vetiver {Vetiveria Zizanoides}

Smoky. Sensual. Balsamic.


Known as the Oil of Tranquility, Vetiver has been used its native India for its perfume qualities for thousands of years. It has also been used in traditional medicine in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Africa because of its therapeutic properties.


Ours is sourced from wild-crafted plants in Java, where steam distillation takes place in situ.

Proven Benefits:

Vetiver is still a staple in the perfume industry, but its many therapeutic qualities—such as its ability to dispel irritability, anger, and hysteria and balance hormones—make it an important essential oil for medicinal use too. Because of these soothing and restorative attributes, Vetiver is known as the Oil of Tranquility. Vetiver is also an effective immune stimulant, supporting the nervous system.

Current GC-MS Report:

Click here to view the current gas chromatography-mass spectrometry report for the Vetiver essential oil used in our blends.

Scientific Evidence: 

Antimicrobial activity of essential oils and other plant extracts 

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