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Collection: Jasmine Absolute {Jasminum Grandiflorum}

Alluring. Sensuous. Delicious.


Coveted in both Muslim and Hindu tradition as the oil of passion, the Jasmine's aroma is widely regarded as a highly sensual fragrance. It is also one of the most labor intensive to produce: Jasmine Absolute is not created by steam distillation, but by placing the perfumed flowers atop a blend of solvents that are eventually removed.


Jasmine essential oil extraction is expensive because of the complexity of the extraction process and because such a large number of flowers is needed to produce a small amount of oil. We carefully source our organic Jasmine from an exclusive farm in southern India.

Proven Benefits:

Commonly used for its exhilarating, exotic fragrance, Jasmine absolute is also known for its antidepressant, antiseptic, and mild analgesic properties. Energetically, Jasmine quells inhibitions, diminishes fear, and alleviates emotional repression.

Current GC-MS Report:

Click here to view the current gas chromatography-mass spectrometry report for the Jasmine Absolute essential oil used in our blends.

Scientific Evidence: 

Stimulating effect of aromatherapy massage with Jasmine oil 

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