Top 5 skincare tips for over 40

Skincare for Over 40

Why continue to use the same old skin care products when you no longer consume the same literature or foods as you did in your twenties? Don’t get us wrong - we enjoy the occasional Hot Cheeto, but preferences and concerns evolve, and so should your skin care regimen!

As you age, your skin produces less collagen and elastin (which are important for firmness and elasticity) and natural oils, resulting in skin that is drier and less "plump." In addition to splotchiness and hyperpigmentation, sun damage from unprotected beach days throughout your youth is beginning to manifest itself. And while you're probably not experiencing deep wrinkles and sagging, your skin care regimen should address current concerns as well as future damage prevention.

How should ladies over the age of 40 maintain their skin? Skincare for over 40 needs to be handled like your friend - with care.  Here are the five most essential things you can do to look your best, regardless of your age.

  1. Prevent sun damage to your skin. Sun protection is the cornerstone of any anti-aging skin care regimen. The sun's rays accelerate the aging of our skin. We have so much proof that the sun causes our skin to age prematurely that there is a name to express this impact. This is the definition of "photoaging." And much like pursuing your dreams or finally admitting you’re lactose intolerant, it’s never too late to start!
  1. Use Face Oil day and Night. As we age, skin becomes drier. Cue the image of a sad, lonely tumbleweed dustily sliding across the cracked earth. Why do we want to combat this? Dry skin develops fine lines and wrinkles. Face oils help you keep your skin hydrated, imparting a young appearance. For optimal results, use a facial oil customized to your skin’s needs, concerns, and ancestry.
  1. Twice a day, wash away dirt and grime. How one washes his or her face might impact one's appearance. For optimal results, you should wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser (or even oil) as opposed to soap. You should also avoid over exfoliating your skin.
  1. Eat nutritious foods. Speaking of our affinity for Hot Cheetos, the reason we make treats like this exactly that, treats, is because what we eat is reflected in our skin. A nutritious diet enhances skin health while one with not enough nutrients and too much sodium will rob your skin of much needed moisture and a healthy glow. Ensure that you consume an abundance of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats.
  1. Get enough sleep. There are a lot of BS old school beauty myths out there, but this one’s for real: it is referred to as beauty rest for a reason. Sleep allows the body to restore and rejuvenate itself. Use a sleep spray as a part nighttime ritual to ensure optimal rest. 

Focus on the quality, not the quantity, of the items you use, giving special attention to science-based, at-home therapies with formulations designed to produce results. The good news is, getting started is straightforward. Just like you wouldn’t let an influencer do your bloodwork, make sure you do your own product research before purchasing the latest trend.