K Sahai featured on Skincare Anarchy

Check out Skincare Anarchy podcast with Dr. Ekta Yadav, MD for a captivating episode all about oils and the power of utilizing them in a customized approach towards truly nourished skin with founder of K Sahai, Kavita Sahai.

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Kavita dives into the journey of creating a brand founded in her deep understanding of oils and their hollistic properties and why she created a unique way to customize and share the potential of healing our skin with oils via her brand. 

K Sahai is an indie brand fueled by a passion to create high quality products and experiences that connect people to nature and their own true nature.

“We honor our community of crystal lovers, full moon observers, purpose seekers and horoscope readers with free tools and resources to explore and grow. Embed in all aspects of our business is and everything from packaging to sourcing is done with thoughtful consideration of mother nature.”