Relax & Reflect with Full Moon Bath Ritual

Connection to nature and it’s cycles and seasons is an important way to bring balance in your mind, body and soul.

The moon controls far more than just our ocean waves. It’s energy has a profound effect on water which makes up a large part of the human body.

The full moon is especially powerful and can affect people differently from sleepless nights to being emotionally charged.  The full moon is a perfect time to release the stories, thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve us.  A full moon bath is a great way to use the energy of the full moon to our advantage and heal the mind, body and soul.

A full moon bath ritual is a time honored ritual to cleanse your Aura, replenish your whole being and support greater wellness. Baths have been long shown to have many health benefits 1.

History of a Full Moon Bath Ritual?

 The full moon is known as a time to release and let go because in ancient times the full moon would illuminate even the darkest nights before there was any electricity. With these extra hours of light people would spend time shinning a light on their own life to release what does not serve you. 

21drops Full Moon Bath Ritual

1. Write a ‘Let Go’ List

Take some time to think about the things that are not working in your life. Is there a story you are telling yourself that is not serving you? Is there a relationship that is holding you back? What is the real cause of stress in your life in this moment?

An example would be:

  • I release the idea that I am not enough as a ______
  • I release my toxic relationship with ______ 

2. Creating a Serene Full Moon Bath

 After you make the list, prepare your full moon bath. 

A. Clean your Space.

Clean your bathroom so if feels decluttered and maybe even burn some sage or cedar wood.

B. Set the Mood.

You know that relaxing feeling you get when you walk into a spa? It is created by engaging your senses with relaxing scenes, dim lighting and tantalizing smells. Light some candles, play your favorite relaxing Spotify music and put out your crystals or anything that creates a serene and relaxing space.

C. Draw a Bath.

Fill your bath with water at a temperature that you find desirable and make the water feel as luxurious as possible by adding in bath salts, essential oils, and if you’re feeling fancy, throw in some dried flowers.

 TIP: Recommended Essential Oil is Detox because it helps to detox the body and mind of all that you need to release.

D. Get in and Let go

Get in the water and relax while you enjoy all the health and energy benefits of your bath. Visualize and feel yourself being nourished and cleansed by the water.

When you are done and pull the plug…visualize all the things on your list going down the drain and disappearing.

One you have emerged from your full moon bath, pay attention to how you feel.

Fresh? Light?

 Journal anything that comes up for you if you want to continue this reflective and contemplative mood. You can also end the night with full moon affirmations:

Full Moon Affirmations

  1. I let go of what is no longer serving me.
  2. I am enough just as I am.
  3. I forgive and let go.
  4. I am aligned with the Divine.
  5. I let go of attachment.
  6. I am open to receive.
  7. I am grateful for all that I have.
  8. I celebrate all that is coming to me.
  9. I welcome Abundance.
  10. I trust my Magic.

The Full Moon is such a beautiful time to for us to receive, heal and celebrate how far we have come. It is also a great time to release, forgive and let go of anything that does not serve us. When we make the space for a full moon ritual, we deepen our connection to nature and ourself.

1.     Physical and Mental Effects of Bathing: A Randomized Intervention Study