Manifest a Year of Abundance and Joy

Adding Self-Love Rituals into Your New Year's Intentions

Choose mindfulness this year and try these little rituals in your daily, monthly, yearly practice. 

There are so many ways to mark the end of cycle and start anew. As a culture we celebrate the end of a year with a party ushering in the New Year to come with resolutions. It may be the only time as a culture we have a bit of self reflection, gratitude and positive intentions. 

If you're part of our tribe, you know we share moon rituals, cleanse our homes and souls on Sundays and take time upon waking and sleeping to reflect. We can't talk about it enough!!!

Here we’re going to list ways to connect all the things to a New Year mindset. 

You can add them all or pick and choose, the more layers and modalities that you add to your rituals the more solid your foundation and intention will feel. And there’s a ritual practice at the end that can help keep you on track!

Here are some ways you can get to know yourself and reflect a bit on what you want. Hone in on what is truly calling you and how to honor it.

Do a Free Write

Grab a pen and journal, and answer the prompt: What is my soul really desiring to bring forth in 2022?" Let the words pour out without editing. Don't think too much, just feel your way into it. Get yourself a fresh new notebook that you love with a special pen for some extra love.

Channel Your Inner Goddess

Before the ball drops, draw yourself a "Goddess Bath" with Epsom salts for cleansing, Detox essential oil to release, rose petals for self-love, and a splash of milk or honey for nurturing. As you soak, say, "I'm loved. I'm worthy. I'm held. I'm divine. I'm ready to open myself to the blessings waiting for me."

Carve Out Space

Designate a special place in your home for meditating, praying, and grounding yourself. Decorate it with items, photos, and mementos that represent where you want to be and how you want to feel in the new year. Symbols allow the subconscious to bring these things into your life faster.

Release Blocks

On a slip of paper, write one thing holding you back, and, in a safe area, burn it. Say, 'I let go. I release. And I welcome in the new.” The act of literally letting it go is a powerful way to start anew.

Pick a Theme Word

It should be something that embodies the energy you'd like to harvest in the new year, such as "playful" or "fearless." Make it your screensaver, tape it on the fridge, repeat it like a mantra,  it'll hold you accountable.

Create a Vision Board

You can do it on Pinterest or grab magazines and cut things out. Whatever method you choose, focus on images that bring you joy, whether it's a new travel destination or a symbol of courage. Try to cover every aspect of your life too—family, money, health, relationships, work, fun. Think of it as full, 360-degree manifesting, put a little bit of everything onto the board

Tidy Up

Cleanse your house from top to bottom. "It's important to occupy spaces where your mind is clear because our environments affect our psychology," Gutiérrez says. "Clean every room, clear out the closets and junk drawers, and donate things you don't need. It'll mentally prepare you for a fresh start in the new year."

Once you've done the things above, and you've honed in on your focus for 2022, you can add crystals and oils to your practice to help harvest, hold and carry the energy to support your journey!

Here is a list of intentions themes and the oils and crystals that accompany them:

BALANCE --- If you hope to sprout your roots, settle down into a home or a relationship, maintain a sense of physical wellness or strike a happy medium between a flourishing career and blessed time with family and friends. Set the intention for maintaining a full life, and the ability to give the adequate attention to all areas you wish to flourish.

*Essential Oil Root Chakra Blend 

*Complimentary Crystals: Amethyst, Hematite, Malachite


LOVE --- If you hope to overcome social anxiety, connect on a deeper level with those that you love, and spend time making more memories filled with joy, laughter and glee. Set the intention to release the fear and insecurity that prevents you from staying in the moment, being confident in your present self, and allowing another perfectly imperfect person to love you just as you are.

*Essential Oil: --- Heart Chakra Blend aka De-Stress Essential oil blend

*Complimentary Crystals: Rose Quartz, Jade, Amazonite


HEALING JOURNEY--- you intend hope and healing. The new year is a new beginning; it is time to release what does not serve you, let go of your heavy burdens, and discover newfound fortitude and a physical and emotional zest for life. Set the intention to overcome physical obstacles, resolve dis-ease, heal emotional wounds, and connect with your authentic and healthy spirit. You have the power to overcome, and start anew.

*Essential Oil: --- Root Chakra or Detox Essential oil Roll on

*Complimentary Crystals: Turquoise, Quartz, Labradorite


SELF LOVE - BODY ACCEPTANCE ---  you hope to care for your body in new ways in the new year. If you intend to begin a new yoga practice, exercise routine, eat more plants, spend more time in nature or take trips to swim in the sea. If committing to new lifestyle choices and physical fitness to gain strength is your intention, use this empowering and energizing essential oil to draw the motivation to achieve your goals.

*Essential Oil: --- Solar Plexus Essential Oil Blend

*Complimentary Crystals: Carnelian, Garnet, Red Jasper


GLOW UP - intend to shine. If you intend to step into the light that is waiting for you, and radiate into the world. Set the intention to reconnect with your radiant higher self, fill all of your chakras and glow from the inside out.

*Essential Oil: --- Sleep Essential Oil Blend

*Complimentary Crystals: Tiger’s eye , Labradorite, Citrine



The idea of intention setting can sound like work for some, for others it sounds like new age BS. News flash ya’ll, its neither. Its the easiest and most valuable way to see how our mind body and spirit are all connected in real time!

There is so much value in honing an intention for the new year to steer the direction of your psyche towards productive and positive goals. You will be prepared  to make positive decisions and have enthusiasm when you greet the day. Think about how your special sauce and strengths and experiences might help others. Are there ways you can serve the community? Maybe you are passionate about spirituality, the environment, women’s issues, equality or business leadership. The bottom line is, setting an intention that is born from deep reflection, a desire to help others and drive to grow into your highest self is a powerful and necessary way to begin the new year and add value to your daily life. 


  1. MEDITATE -- Focus on what your higher self is calling you to do. What should you create in a year and in a month. Ask what is in the highest good and what will give you sustainable happiness, not instant gratification. Maybe you need to lower your overhead, want to develop your intuition or spiritual foundation, or perhaps it’s time to start your new career!
  2. JOURNAL -- Find a journal for 2022. Write down your intention in a journal, both short and long term. It may sound like this, “my intention is to start a podcast that will help people connect spiritual tools with their daily life.” Then you can thank your guides and the ancestors for helping you with this and you can say it as if it’s already here affirming that you are open to this reality. That would sound something like this, “I love my business partnership! Thank you so much!” This creates an energetic bat signal to the universe.
  3. LIGHT YOUR INTENTION -- Prepare a white candle and place your intention under it. Place the candle on an altar or a special place. As you light the candle, state your intention to send it into the world.
  4. VISUALIZE -- Create a daily practice in your life of visualising. Visualize this as a reality in your life being as vivid as possible in your mind. IMPORTANT: repeat this process morning and night until the full moon on January 17th! Consistently revisiting your intention morning and night will help you focus on how to use your time and help send that blueprint out into the universe.
  5. ACTION -- Faith without works is dead. Action brings intentions to life. Do the things by January 17th. Manifestation is not ask and receive, it is set a clear intention rooted in alignment and then acting on it daily to materialize it. Thanks Universe!
  6. EARTH MAGIC -- Use essential oils and hold crystals that offer you the energy you will need to fulfill your dreams. For example Tiger’s eye & Sunshine blend for confidence, Fluorite & Focus Blend for focus, Rose Quartz and De-Stress blend for self love.  If you're feeling adventurous, incorporate sacred geometry into your practice as well to level up your connection!