Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

We know you love your fluy family members and that keeping the house free of fleas is not always the easiest. There are lots of conventional insecticides on the market that prevent (even kill) fleas but also contain poisonous ingredients that are toxic to humans. We don't advocate for not taking heed of your veterinarian's advice when it comes to keeping fleas away but we do suggest taking a more natural approach with prevention that includes regular bathing as well as some diluted essential oils in the form of a spritz to your animal's coat to repel fleas.

Help Aid in Flea Prevention with Natural Remedies:

We understand that when it comes to fleas, it’s a non-negotiable, they have go to go even if that may include traditional means. That said, you want to take as much preventative measure as possible so you don’t have to use more potent means to eliminate them later. We advocate for using Essential oils as eective alternatives to chemical-laden, synthetic formulas. One of the best delivery methods, when it comes to pets, is through a hydrosol spray using the essential oils below. 

Essential Oils for flea prevention:

Rose Geranium hydrosol Lavender hydrosol Lemon Verbena hydrosol Cedarwood essential oil Eucalyptus essential oil Patchouli essential oil

Remember! Essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin- especially on pets. This is an absolute no-no! We’ve taken the most potent and eective essential oils for repelling bugs and formulated an all-natural bug spray that smells great and is easy to use for pets and their people.