Valentine’s Day Guide to Essential Oils

Scents have the power to activate the senses and awaken one’s sensuality. As such, the aromatic scents released from essential oils can directly affect your mood, emotions, and desires. For years, scents have been used to trigger romance and illicit responses. Memories can even be triggered with just a whiff of whatever scent you’ve used that day.

To create the mood for love, make it a Valentine’s Day you’re sure to remember with essential oils.

We share with you different ways to celebrate the special day with nature’s most enthralling aromas.

  1. Start your day right with a refreshing scent that uplifts your mood

A quick dab of the right scent can set the tone for a perfect day. Energetic and sensual scents are a perfect combination to awaken your senses to romance. Our Passion Essential Oil fuses the right blend of cardamom, jasmine, and rose to promote an appetite for love and life. With ingredients like rose that is a known aphrodisiac and spicy cardamom that is naturally sensual, you’ll be in the mood for love.

  1. Set the stage for romance with a spicy, sultry scent

Prepare a private and beautiful space for a romantic evening or afternoon, and make it one to remember. Use a scent to ensure this is a day that you’ll never forget. We suggest our Detox Diffusing Oil for its blend of spicy cardamom and rosy germanium to release a floral and sweet scent that’s a little sensual. You could also set the mood with the Sleep Diffusing Oil thanks to its combination of ylang-ylang, a known aphrodisiac, and calming lavender that’ll let you simmer down and let loose.

  1. Gift your partner the best gift of allrelief from stress and tension

Help your valentine relax by gifting them a blend that can soothe their bodies and mind. A day like this deserves to be spent without worries. Our De-Stress Diffusing Oil is perfect thanks to its therapeutic blend of serene lavender, calming ylang-ylang, and quieting frankincense.

You could even enjoy it together. Make it a day to unwind and arrange a sweet dinner or lunch at home and diffuse it for a comfortable and relaxed date. End with a sensual massage to communicate love and care.

For years, essential oils have been used to add fragrance that can seduce, attract, and stir emotions. Today, it is easier to apply and adapt to special occasions like Valentine’s with just a roll-on or diffuser. Boost your mood for love and bring out the romantic in you.