Transform Men's Skincare with Clean Face Oils

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Men also need facial products that are made just for them. Going to the store, there may be a large selection of skincare products but most are designed for women. There are some that they say are for men, but the difference is the smell. Often, they use the same formula created for women or the masses, change the smell to something that is thought to be manly, and rebrand it as a man’s product. Men also need clean face oils, created just for them.


Men’s Skin Is Different

When looking up and down the rows of face care products at the store you will see labels for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and so many more. For men, there are often one or two choices. However, men also have a variety of skin types, and we need clean face oil for each of our types too. Men working outside in the various elements may have dry skin that a Marula oil in our skincare product can help with. Other men working in offices may have a combination skin type needing Jojoba oil  on face to keep their skin healthy. Older men can be also prone to late onset acne and there are oils that can help maintain a clear face.


Skincare for Selfcare

Often the self-care of men is overlooked. The focus is on working, family, and other activities. There are simple ways for men to begin self-care. Our clean face oils can help with relaxation and self-care. Our apothecary can create a blend of unique natural ingredients and oils to achieve your self-care goals. These could be products to help sleep, focus, breath, and detox your skin. Using our quiz, our experts can find out your skin type, skin color, and your skincare goals. Each man has unique skin and goals, and with this information the perfect solution can be curated.


Clean Face Oils Are More Than Just Essential Oils

When using a skincare product, men can trigger multiple senses. The skin is the largest organ in the body and reflects your mental and physical state. The smell from the oils will trigger synapses in the brain. It can help you relax, focus, or one of many other actions inspired by our blends. The touch of the skin is critical. The motion of rubbing our product into the skin and the warmth on the skin can cause pleasure. The color of the customized skin product can trigger relaxation and signal the start of self-care. When using our skin products, you can inhale and say your custom affirmation; this will mix the effects of the oils with the auditory reminder to slow down and relax. 


Men, it is simple to find the perfect clean face oils when you go with K Sahai. No more using a women’s face product and trying to mask it with smells. Fill out the quiz and let us create the perfect face product for you. It takes only minutes online with us and you will be on your way to better skin, better moods, and radiate from the inside out.


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