Beauty Products Should Have Natural Ingredients, Never Synthetic

The research proves it, aka, we have the receipts! Natural ingredients in skin care products are more effective, much safer, and rarely trigger side-effects. Not to mention natural ingredients are also a plus for the environment. Synthetic skin care products are not! Talk about a Bigfoot sized carbon footprint.

The reams of research show that beauty products containing natural ingredients are not only effective for the health of the skin, they don’t trigger allergies; they soothe irritated skin and protect against damage from the sun. Basically, natural products have our back as well as our face.

Natural ingredients in skin care products usually come from plants that naturally contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fatty acids. The skin thrives on the vital antioxidants provided in a nutritious skin care routine.

Healthier skin may start from within, but everything that’s put on the skin enters the system. Natural ingredients in skin care are better for the entire body, supporting and boosting the immune system.

When it comes to natural ingredients in skin care vs synthetic chemicals, there is a difference! And it matters. 

So, what does synthetic mean, anyways? Basically, synthetic ingredients are man-made chemicals. Many beauty products use synthetic preservatives to increase a product’s shelf-life. The downside to lotions, makeups and beauty products being loaded with these chemicals is that it can cause breakouts, dryness, irritations and other reactions. And, in the long run, synthetics also cause wrinkles. Now, natural aging can be a beautiful process, but looking older thanks to shoddy skincare products? No thanks!

Allergies can also be a serious problem with synthetic vs. natural ingredients in skin care products. Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne can be aggravated with synthetic ingredients.

Research has shown that prolonged use of harmful synthetic chemicals can weaken the skin, damage organs, and, as we said, even cause premature aging. Ok, you might be thinking “How do I find these synthetic chemicals to avoid? I don’t have a BS in organic chemistry. In fact, I barely passed my high school class.” It can get confusing, but some synthetic chemical ingredients to avoid include “sulfates,” “parabens,” “BHA,” and synthetic dyes.

Although the skin does act as a protective barrier, the synthetic chemicals in skin care products can still leak into the bloodstream. Synthetic chemicals applied directly to the skin can get absorbed and affect the immune system, the nervous system and the reproductive system.   

Many people who have opted for natural ingredients in skin care products find they work better and are gentler and more effective for smoother, problem-free skin. In fact, some people with sensitive skin find that while they often reacted to synthetic chemicals, they noticed that with natural ingredients in skin care, many skin issues cleared-up after switching to the natural products.

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