Plant AI

We believe your oils should be as unique as you. Our Plant AI uses the power of data to predict the best ingredients and the power of experts to interpret them. 

Our intelligent algorithm builds a model of your current state and maps to your desired state. Then we search thousands of ingredients to create your customized system of oils that work perfectly together.

Overall, the use of plant AI in skincare product development has the potential to improve the efficacy and safety of these products, and to provide consumers with more effective solutions for maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin.

The Power of Experts

Data is not everything. That’s why we have a team of the best scientists, aromatherapists, and beauty industry experts to review your formulation before you receive it.

Our Philosophy:

1. Invest in high quality ingredients

2. Incorporate a mind, body and soul approach

3. Skinamilists. You don't need a 10 step process.

4. Promote Self Love and Self Care