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The Ultimate Luxury Essential Oil Roll-On Set

Featuring seven carefully crafted blends that will elevate your self-care routine -  Detox, Headache, Sleep, Focus, Breathe, Destress, Muscle Ease. On Sale for the next 3 hours only.


Detox ‚ÄĘ Headache ‚ÄĘ Sleep ‚ÄĘ Focus ‚ÄĘ Breathe ‚ÄĘ De-Stress ‚ÄĘ Muscle Ease

Made With Premium Essential Oils 

We focus on helping you glow inside and out 

High Quality Ingredients

Made From Finest Essential Oils. 

No Fillers or Preservatives

Fresh, Botanical Plant Oils

We only use organic or wild crafted oils that have gone through rigorous testing. 

Formulated for Life's Common Problems

 Made in the USA. 


Kavita's Tips

100% Laboratory Tested

100% Laboratory Tested

All oils are carefully lab tested for purity & potency

Not Tested On Animals

Cruelty Free

All products sold on the market are committed to not testing on animals

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Produced entirely from natural ingredients, safe for all skin type

100% Paraben Free


 We are committed to positive impact and use sustainable packaging and manufacturing practices by only making what you need.

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