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Cedarwood {Juniperus virginiana}

Acacia Senegal Gum Extract

Cedarwood {Juniperus virginiana} — Sylvan. Balsamic. Sweet.


Cedarwood oil is possibly the first essential oil to be extracted from a plant. This isn’t surprising, as King Solomon himself chose a species of Cedarwood native to the Mideast, precisely for its strength, to build his Temple in Jerusalem, and the ancient Egyptians applied the oil during the mummification process.



East Africa used to be an important source of Cedarwood oil, but the wild resource is now nearly extinct in that region of the world due to over-harvesting. Today, we source a species of Cedarwood from right here in America, Texas and Virginia to be exact. The oils are created by distilling the wood chips and sawdust from these trees, producing a masculine oil, strong and stable, which is often used to anchor a blend.

Proven Benefits:

Medicinally, Cedarwood oil is known for its anti-infectious, astringent and tonifying therapeutic properties, and has been used as a tonic for the kidneys and central nervous system. Cedarwood oil increases strength and endurance, soothes the mind, and promotes confidence and perseverance.

Scientific Evidence:

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