Manifesting with Oils

Manifesting with Oils

I've been a devoted essential oils enthusiast for ages, but in recent years, I've taken a deep dive into the mysterious realm where these aromatic elixirs connect with our feelings and our brain's secret command center—the limbic system. Brace yourself, because what I've uncovered is nothing short of mind-blowing.

The Mind Magic Behind Essential Oils: Hold on to your hats, folks, because inside your noggin resides the limbic system, often hailed as the brain's emotion HQ. It's the vault where every thought, feeling, and memory, both in the forefront and lurking in the shadows, takes up residence. Imagine it as your mental storage unit, helping you figure out how to think, feel, or react based on past life experiences. It's like your brain's personal security guard, making sure you stay comfy and cozy.

But here's where things get wild: this treasure trove of information is often locked away, making it a real challenge to give those thought patterns and emotional reactions a makeover. Think of it as those wagon wheels grooving the same paths, leaving behind deep ruts that are tough to escape.

Essential Oils Inhalation

Now, Let's Tackle the Sensory Side of Things: Deep within the labyrinth of your limbic system lies your trusty olfactory bulb—the mastermind behind your sense of smell. And guess what? It's the only sense that sets up shop right next door to your thoughts and emotions in this brainy neighborhood.

But here's where it gets even cooler: your olfactory neurons are basically the brain's scholars, constantly learning and remembering. They're like the ever-renewing superheroes, sprouting new neurons every six to ten weeks, always ready to absorb fresh information and deliver it to your limbic system as exciting new messages.

Now, let's remember all this juicy info because we're coming back to it in a bit. But first, let's switch gears and dive headfirst into the aromatic universe of essential oils.

Essential Oils: Nature's Magic Elixirs: Get ready for some serious science-meets-sorcery action because essential oils are a cocktail of natural and aromatic compounds. Most of us know how they work in the body—lavender soothes, peppermint perks up digestion, and tea tree oil works its magic on healing.

But here's the twist: these oils aren't just body whisperers; they're also brain boosters! They waltz right through that olfactory bulb, playing tunes on the limbic system's emotional strings. Some oils calm the storm, while others crank up the excitement.

But it gets even juicier when you mix these oils with other practices. They stir up memories, help us process past traumas, and boost our confidence. They're like little emotional superheroes, swooping in to save the day.

Anyone can use essential oils for a quick mood lift. You can diffuse them to chill out or pep up, depending on your mood. But if you want to rewrite those mental scripts, conquer deep-seated fears, or make a permanent change in your thought patterns and emotions, you need a more disciplined approach.

Remember when I said your olfactory bulb loves sending messages? Well, this is where the magic happens. When you use the right essential oils alongside the right tools—whether it's therapy, journaling, affirmations, meditation, or any personal growth work—the oils not only create a chemical shift but also carry those positive messages straight into your limbic system, rewriting your mental code.

So, yes, oils can make you feel awesome, but when you pair them with the right tools, they make those changes stick. It's like having a superhero sidekick for your personal development journey.

Now, before you start your essential oil adventure, there are a few ground rules to ensure you're on the right track. Let's dive into these one by one.

Rule Number One: Consistency is Key: Every thought, emotion, and action you have reinforces the patterns already etched in your brain. So, if you're aiming to shake things up, you've got to stay consistent—both in the work you're doing and the oils you're using.

I recommend creating a daily personal development routine and using the same essential oils every single day. Keep those oils close, diffuse them throughout the day, and let that aroma remind you of your work. It's like a constant, supportive companion on your journey.

Rule Number Two: Patience, Grasshopper: Real change takes time, my friend. Don't expect miracles after a week of trying. Remember those olfactory neurons? They're like little champs, regenerating every six to ten weeks. So, give it at least that long for the magic to unfold.

Rule Number Three: Don't Settle for Subpar Oils: At K Sahai we use the highest quality oils and make sure they are both potent and pure. You can see our testing results in our ingredient guide and we only use first-press oils vs ones that are cheap and pressed a bunch of times.  

Fake and adulterated essential oils are a huge issue in the industry right now there are so many companies that are trying to compete on price instead of quality. But you don’t want to be inhaling that into your limbic system.

Rule Number Four: Get Specific with Your Oils: Different oils have different superpowers, so be deliberate in your selection. Florals are the chill pills, trees ground you, mints boost your energy, and citrus oils are your lively cheerleaders. Herbs and spices? They're the brainiacs, doing the heavy lifting.

So, you really want to get specific in what you’re using.

DeStress - great for grounding & stabilizing

Sleep - for calm and peace

Focus or Headache - for clarity and energy

Breathe or Detox - for health goals. 

Rule Number Five: It's Not About the Smell: Don't judge an oil by its aroma alone. Just because it doesn't tickle your nostrils doesn't mean it won't do its job. Pay attention to your initial reaction and how it evolves as you work with the oil. Your response to the aroma will shift with your emotional state, and that's where the magic happens.

So, there you have it—your roadmap to using essential oils to rewrite your mental scripts and conquer those emotional mountains. It's a journey of consistency, patience, quality, specificity, and an open mind. Buckle up, because you're about to embark on a transformational manifestation ride with these aromatic superheroes! 🌟