The Best Essential Oils for your Quarantine

You Are Not Alone

On March 15, I was woken up at 3 AM by 15 phone calls from friends and family telling me to come home from my study abroad program due to the spreading pandemic. The morning was filled with panic as I rushed to pack up all of my belongings. In just one hour, I was on a 7 AM flight from the sunny coast in the south of France back to the cold and rainy weather of Cincinnati, Ohio. Ever since landing back in the states, my daily routine hasn’t been the same.


So, if you feel unsure, uncertain, or disconnected from a life in quarantine, we promise you you’re not alone. Living through the pandemic has manifested unprecedented chaos. It has changed the way we go about even the most mundane daily tasks. Our homes are now also our offices, social gatherings are held through Facetime and Zoom, and venturing outside requires wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance. 

However, despite the drastic change that quarantine has brought upon us, we must remember to take care of ourselves. Having a self-care routine is important not just to present ourselves well to others, but more importantly to feel like the best version of ourselves. Especially in this time of uncertainty, feeling in control and confident with this new reality is crucial. Essential oils are a great way to combat the multitude of challenges that quarantine has brought upon us. Whether you struggle with dealing with stress from the ongoing changes in your life, maintaining focus whilst working from home, or finding space to breathe under your mask, there are essential oils that can better your quarantine experience. 


Quarantine Anxiety is Real

One of the biggest impacts of quarantine life is a newfound sense of anxiety. Anxious feelings are your body’s physiological reaction to stress. We recommend using De-Stress essential oil blend if you are looking for a way to uplift your mood and calm your anxiety during quarantine. This blend, made with jojoba oil, lavender, frankincense, and ylang ylang is carefully crafted with sustainable, scientifically researched ingredients to quiet the mind, reduce anxiousness and soothe nerves. Packaged in a roll-on design, it is perfect for keeping in your purse, car, or on your nightstand to use any time you experience unwanted anxiety or stress.


Using aromatherapy and essential oils is a natural, holistic way to minimize your worries and lift feelings of joy. According to trials conducted by pharmaceutical researchers Benjamin J. Malcolm and Kimberly Tallian, essential oils such as lavender can produce a calming, soothing effect due to the strong connection between our sense of smell and the limbic system in the brain, which is associated with emotion and memory (1). Additionally, lavender has no sedative or dependency effect, making it a perfect solution to treat your quarantine anxiety in a healthy, natural way. Frankincense is another essential oil that has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries, due to its many therapeutic properties. According to research, the resin oil found in Frankincense can produce anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and tranquilizing effects on the brain and body (3). We firmly believe in utilizing scientifically backed research to create the most effective and safe oil blends for you, as we understand that anxiety and stress can drastically interrupt our daily lives. With the new stress of quarantine evoking even more anxiousness in many of us, essential oils are an excellent way to relieve these worries and continue on with our days.


Refresh and Refocus Your Work Life

Another change in our daily lives is that many of us are working exclusively from home. If you have found yourself being constantly distracted or struggling to begin work, essential oils may be the perfect jumpstart for your workweek. Luckily, there are essential oils that can help us to re-center our minds and work more productively at home. In our “Focus” blend, ingredients such as Frankincense, Peppermint, and Rosemary are purposefully made to induce senses of clarity, reduce fogginess, and invigorating the mind. 


Peppermint is a scent that we are all familiar with. Whether we are using it to refresh our breath after a delicious meal or decorating our home with candy canes for the holidays, peppermint is a memorable aroma to all of us. However, peppermint also works wonders for stimulating and refreshing our minds. Research shows that peppermint produces positive cognitive effects on the brain, enhancing our memory, and raising alertness (2). Rosemary oil also encourages focus and increases mental clarity. In a research trial testing the impact of rosemary oil on mood and activity, scientists found that individuals who received inhalation treatment of rosemary oil experienced higher levels of activity and reported feeling “fresher”. The use of peppermint, rosemary and other stimulating oils in our Focus blend are crafted to awaken and improve your work life in quarantine.


Breathe Easy, even with a Mask

Throughout this pandemic, we have also found a new sense of importance in terms of health and wellness. There is a greater emphasis on protecting our immune systems. Wearing a mask in public is a huge part of protecting the safety of not only ourselves but also those around us. So if you have taken on the responsibility of wearing a mask in public areas, we thank you for helping to keep our world safe.

While masks may not be our favorite accessory, there is a way to utilize essential oils to create a more comfortable, enjoyable breathing experience. By simply applying an essential oil blend under your nose before wearing your mask, you can enhance the smell under your mask and improve respiratory function. Our Breathe blend is formulated with ingredients such as Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, and Ravintsara, which are all geared towards easing coughs and congestion, ridding respiratory build-up, and boosting immunity! Using this essential oil blend to achieve clearer breathing and alleviate any congestion is a great way to enhance the experience of wearing a mask. So while quarantine has created a vast change in what we wear when we go outside, essential oils can make practicing safe and healthy social distancing more enjoyable. Also check out our article, What's under your mask? 

Try Essential Oils to Enhance Your Quarantine 

Quarantine life has been filled with times of uncertainty and change. It has most definitely altered the way we view our daily routines. However, it is also an opportunity to reevaluate your self-care routine. Taking care of ourselves is crucial in helping us to feel more centered and calm amidst the everyday challenges of the pandemic. Although there may be many times when we feel completely out of control, there are still places in our lives where we can regain that control. Essential oils are a simple, easy-to-use and effective solution for issues such as anxiety, lack of focus, and breathing problems. At 21 drops, we see and acknowledge that everyone’s quarantine experience is unique and we are committed to providing you with a healthy, natural, and scientifically-backed way to take back control of our minds and bodies.