Top 4 Skin Benefits of Camellia Oil

Camellia Seed carrier oil is a luxurious oil derived from the seeds of Camellia fruits (Camellia japonica). Camellia flower oil, also called Tsubaki Oil, has helped Japanese women glow for many centuries. The plant's leaves were also commonly used to make tea and were an essential part of Chinese and Japanese culture. "Camellia oil is a truly multipurpose product, and was supposedly used by Geishas as a make-up remover and a hair lacquer shine by both Geishas and Samurais" (1). Camellia oil is now a mainstay here in the United States as well. 
The oil is a light yellow, lightweight oil with a silky, velvety touch. The oil absorbs into the skin without leaving anything behind. No oily finish is so important, and not many carrier oils can say the same thing. 
1. Superior anti-aging power. 
A study on Camellia japonica found that the oil could keep the skin moisturized while increasing collagen production (3). As the skin ages, it tends to lose its ability to retain moisture, resulting in dry, rough, loose skin. We know how refreshing it is to see that you do not need to break the bank to address these issues, and we couldn't agree more.
2. Camellia has anti-inflammatory properties
The terpenoids present in Camellia oil have potent anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe red, irritated skin. Camellia is often used for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and Kate Winslet has been said to have used the oil during her pregnancy to combat stretch marks (4). If you tend to have red, rashy skin, we recommend trying camellia oil. 
3. Camellia oil is an effective hair tonic

Asians have been using camellia oil on their hair for centuries for its emollient properties. Do you have dry, coarse hair, suffer from frizzy flyaways, or have you gotten too much exposure to harsh weather elements? Be sure to put Camellia oil on your must-have list to give all hair types a kiss of softness. No more hiding your gorgeous locks with a hair tie. We guarantee you will be ready to show it off. 

 4. Use moisturizing Camellia on your rough bits

Camellia oil contains high levels of the fatty acid oleic acid (omega 9), which assists in maintaining the skin's barrier function and preventing potential dehydration for the skin from life's elements. Apply camellia oil to all of your rough bits of skin, including elbows, legs, heels, and knees, for relief. Asian skin is susceptible to exogenous chemicals found in less than natural skin care products, which is why their skin thrives when they stick to the basics (2). It works great for them and will for you as well!

Skin tip! 

Reach for camellia oil if you grabbed something out of the oven and suffered a minor burn. The lightweight oil of the camelia seeds will soothe the burn while still allowing the heat to escape. 

How to use camellia oil

You can use camellia as needed. Apply it straight to your skin or in combination with other oils. Use it on your hair, face, body, nails, cuticles, and trouble spots. You can apply at night as well as before applying your make-up for the day. 

Best skin types for camellia oil

Camellia oil is beneficial for all skin types. 

Mindful tip!

Even though the word mindful seems as though the mind would be full of thought, mindfulness is genuinely all about slowing down and bringing more awareness into your day. Allowing electronics into your space before your dedicated morning routine lets in other people's energy, subsequently affecting your own. As you wake, stretch, give thanks, apply your moisturizer, have a cup of coffee (or whatever else sets you up for your best day), keep your electronics closed/off. Go through your routine slowly and mindfully, telling yourself that you will have a wonderful day. You deserve it!

You can take any moment during the day and make it more mindful. Even while working or cleaning, it just takes practice.

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