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Our Story

Lets Get Personal 

Hi, everyone, I’m Kavita Sahai, the woman behind the women of 21drops. 

For most of my life, I’ve had crazy good health but as more years went brain didn’t feel the same. 

By 2016, my mind was so foggy and disoriented, I felt like a zombie.

When I went to doctors, they diagnosed me as an “overwhelmed mom.” I didn’t need a doctor's degree to know that being a mom is not an illness

I ditched the doctors with no answers and started looking for experts in holistic fields. (Best. Decision. Ever.) 

I started using essential oils but they were worthless. Rubbing random oils into my temples or feet literally did nothing for me.

Then I met a renowned aromatherapist with years of experience (see below). She created blends that were safely diluted and mixed for specific ailments. Specific blends of oils for specific illnesses? Mind blown.

Her blends really worked and the course of my life was never the same. 

She taught me about the importance of third-party testing (AKA tested by unbiased experts) and first press oils (AKA not watered down). 

After a few months of quality, oil treatment, my brain fog cleared. I was me again and I couldn’t wait to share the power that mother nature brings through uniquely formulated essential oil blends.

As time went on, I realized the not just my medicine cabinet but also my beauty counter needed a makeover. Everyone has different skincare needs based on their skin barrio. Something current day trends did not take into account. 

I brought what I learned to the world and Ksahai grew into my full-time passion.

After several years in business and reading hundreds of positive and heart-warming reviews – I know I am genuinely helping people feel happy and healthy. 

- Kavita G. Sahai 

Our Mission Statement

Everything goes back to connecting people to the power of Mother Nature, while taking care of this earth. 

What About Science?

Essential oils are powerful like the sun. Use them correctly and they’ll make you feel good. Use them incorrectly, and you will get burnt. 

That’s why we only use oil recipes that are backed by scientific studies—found in our Essential Oil Guide—and the expertise of certified aromatherapists.   

We want to make sure you are using essential oils the right way. 

What About Quality?

No wannabe essential oils here! Unlike MLMs, all our oils are 100% organic or wildcrafted. 

We use a third-party to test for purity and publish the results so you can trust that you’re getting the real deal. Not to brag, but MLMs don't do that.  

We use the first press of any essential oil extraction for the highest potency. A little goes a long way. 

What About Mother Nature? 

We know that our business —from shipping to manufacturing—adds stress to our natural resources (sorry, mom).  Thankfully, we’ve been able to continually improve our packaging and processes on our path to protect Mama Earth.

Also, we are committed to giving back 5% of all profits to different organizations that plant new trees, so we can hug those trees, all around the world.   

What About Joy? 

No matter where we are in our journey of healing, we believe in finding joy and wonder every day in nature and the amazing world around us! 

We love what we do and we love you! 


Meet Our Head Certified Aromatherapist 

Don’t tell her this, but Leslie Moldenauer is way overqualified for this job. 

She received her undergraduate degree with honors in Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine with Aromatherapy Specialization. 

She also earned Certificates in Aromatherapy, Holistic Health Practice, Natural Products Manufacturing and Essential Oil Chemistry & Pharmacology. 

Leslie has an advanced degree in Aromatic Medicine as well as a best-selling book, Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

(Plus she looks like the angel-baby of Aphrodite and the queen of the forest)

We just love her! 


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