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Human Design Projector

Human Design Projectors: 

How to thrive as a Guiding Light

Learn How to Harness Your Energy Type

Organic Essential Oils 

Essential oils are recognized as having the highest vibrational frequency of all things found in nature and can positively affect our own vibrational energy, our energy field and our aura, thereby helping to improve our overall energy and state of being.

Strategy & Signature

Your strategy is to wait for the right invitation and respond.  Your signature is success in work and relationships usually felt through recognition.

We can curate the oils and self care acts for you to unlock your vibrant and happier self. 

Supportive Meditation & Affirmations

Meditation and affirmations stimulate our limbic system, hormones like serotonin and dopamine can be produced to help regulate mood and tap into our intuition. Just 5 min a day will allow you to tap into your magnetic creator powers.

Recognize Resistance: Not Self Theme

Feeling bitter?  Make sure you are not trying to be someone you are not. You definition of success does not have to match anyone else's idea. If you are bitter, you are not in alignment with your energy so pay attention. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore Human Design and find out more about your Energy type. It's been proven time and time again that individuals who know their Energy Type have more success in all areas of life.The path to being your happiest, most successful self is one that is as unique as you! We are all different which is why a strategy that works for a friend or influencer might not work for you. Human Design is here to help you recognize and understand your unique, innate gifts and personality traits in order to unlock the most effortless path to becoming who you truly came here to be. 

Dear Projector -

You have an openness towards life with a penetrating aura that allows you to see the big picture, recognize the gifts in others and bring people together. You are a natural networker, mediator and leader. People are very lucky to have you in their lives!

You are open to invitations which draws people in and out of your life so, like generators, you are waiting for the right opportunity. This is hard as you want to be and must be recognized in order to fulfill your soul’s design as administrator or guide. The key is to listen to your inner authority and accept the right invitations so you can direct your energy accordingly. No need to overbook your energy’s social calendar.

You are most fulfilled by recognition and are quick to be bitter if this need is not met. But don’t be too hasty – before you decide the entire world has come together to talk behind your back slumber part style, it is important to be patient and ensure you are surrounding yourself with the right people to foster your unique gifts. Be careful you do not do things that do not feel authentic just to get the praise. Do not settle for the wrong opportunity. 

Self Care Guide:

Smell is also the only sense connected to the limbic lobe of the brain, which controls emotions and is strongly linked to behavioral patterning so can help you reprogram your open center and strengthen your defined centers. Use oils with your self care to awaken your senses and recondition any old stories you may be telling yourself that no longer serve you. 

Morning: Start your morning by applying your oils and saying affirmations while doing some gentle self-massage.

During the day: Digesting things in small portions is your body and energy’s MO. This can be literal, such as with food, or more abstract, such a with information and other people’s energy. Throughout the day, make a habit of recognizing what’s not yours and letting it go. Essential oil base: peppermint & lavender

Nightime: Since you tend to take on others’ energy during the day, it’s a good practice to lie down for 30 minutes in a room ALONE before going to sleep. This will give you ample time to fully discharge what isn’t yours and integrate what is. Choose whatever activity that feels relaxing to you (reading, television, listening to music...), though it’s probably best if you stay off social media. Essential oil: Sandlewood

One moon cycle of living in alignment with your chart will help you to awaken your mind to what is your truth vs what is the programming. Focusing in your truth over your programming will help alleviate the resistance we mentioned above. Get ready to embark on a self-discovery process that brings self-love and joy.

“This is an inward journey that requires awareness, experimentation, self-reflection and time. If you would like to embark on this journey together, consider yourself invited.” 

- Kavita Sahai 

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